DIY Parts

RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board 5.4E

Now with Passthrough!

The RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board is the official embedded design for the GP2040-CE project.

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Small Form Factor

BentoBox V1.0

Ultra Portable, Sleek and Customisable Arcade Pad with Low Profile Mechanical Keys, USB Type C, 1000Hz Polling Rate, OLED Status Display and full RGB Backlighting.

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DIY Parts

GGEZ-Stick V1.0

The ultra clean, all-in-one solution for DIY fightsticks and controllers. A 22mm panel mount connector with all of the clever stuff hidden inside!

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  • USA Customers

    For USA residents, our friends also offer GP2040-CE powered controllers. 
  • EU Customers

    For EU residents, our friends at also offer GP2040-CE powered controllers and enclosures. 

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